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New Computer Case

14. February 2011 02:24 by asudduth in

Over the weekend had my Friend Brian over and we had to do a slight modification to the Antec Solo case so the MSI N480GTX-M2D15-B video card would actually fit.  We really just needed to take 2cm out of the hard drive cage, but took a little bit more to be safe.  (Thanks Dremel!)  You can see the hole we cut a little bit from the first (front) and 2nd (rear) pics.

Even thought we had to cut in to the hard drive cage, I don’t think that will actually stop me from putting drives in.  Especially since I plan on using 2.5” drives. (Although Antec only includes one set of screws for 2.5” drives… so I’ll need to find some more of those…  they go thru some rubber grommets so they are a little longer and kind of have a “stand off” so we’ll see if I can find them.

                The last picture is just a nice view of the side of the case…  I don’t think it really does the stock heat sink that comes with the i7-970 boxed processor justice though!

In case you care, that’s 24GB of G.Skill DDR3 1333 RAM and a Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD5 motherboard.  Oh, and an Antec EarthWatts 750W power supply.

                In a few months I hope to finish with a couple hard drives and a Blu-ray burner…


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