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Cat in a box

3. September 2009 05:21 by asudduth in

A box a mac mini box was shipped in... Mocha, our cat, found it enjoyable

Cat in Drawer

23. July 2009 16:11 by asudduth in

Apparently our cat, Mocha, decided she can get in the coffee table drawer!

Chick-Fil-A Cow Appreciation Day

10. July 2009 06:54 by asudduth in

Meredith and I enjoyed some free sandwhiches for lunch today :)

Time to eat!

21. June 2009 12:43 by asudduth in

Turker burger w/ mozz cheese & salsa. Fresh onion rings.
I dont normally take pics of my food but i feel like this shld b an exception!

Issues with XP SP3 and AMD

27. May 2009 03:11 by asudduth in

had a computer that i was working on for someone who had major issues after updating to WinXP SP3.  (I now am not sure of the model - but was an HP Pavilion with an AMD proc)
some reports said it was Norton (it could have been part of it, as it was an old version) however the root cause which was documented here ( and the only place online I found it is because of intel drivers on an AMD system.
Going in to safe mode and then going to a command prompt and typing this:
sc config intelppm start= disabled
is what fixed it.

Quaker Haven Camp

24. May 2009 05:37 by asudduth in

Pic of the lake.
Maybe ill get some more pics at some point.
Meredith and I are enjoying nice weather in Syracuse, IN