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I guess its winter

1. November 2010 02:27 by asudduth in

New car (?) now with 50,000 miles

16. October 2010 10:27 by asudduth in

I meant to post this last week when I took it,  but the Journey now has 50,000 miles on it!

It was about 5 months ago when it hit 40,000

SonicWALL TZ210W

16. October 2010 09:31 by asudduth in

Actually is a TZ210 i am installing but need to worry with physical mounting first... Its not going on that tiny shelf that is about to fall!

Current Ebay Items

19. June 2010 15:58 by asudduth in

I decided to do a little clearing out of a few things.
If you're interested, go have a look :)

Collection of Harry Potter DVDs -

Logitech Harmony 670 Universal Remote -

Battery for Sony Handycam -

32" JVC HDTV -

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Spell Checking @indystar

30. April 2010 04:41 by asudduth in

This morning a co-worker asked me to look at and look at the top article.

I did that, and we were both amazed someone didn't catch this typo.  For the record it was fixed about 10 minutes after it was pointed out to me, but I do not know how long it was up like that.  I am guessing not too long, but you would have thought some kind of spellchecking has to happen and since "Stepday" isn't a word it should have been flagged!

Obviously above is the before screenshot, and here is the after:

We all make mistakes I know, in matter of fact I mistyped a few things typing this post...  but thankfully either I or spellchecking caught them!

New car now with 40000 miles

27. April 2010 03:07 by asudduth in

It was 2 days ago that we have now had the Journey for 1 year. This morning the odometer hit 40,000 miles. (it wasn't new when we got it so not all those miles are ours, but my how time and miles fly)>

New TV mounted

26. April 2010 14:59 by asudduth in

I meant to post these pictures a long time ago, but this is the new install we did of a TV in our bedroom a couple months ago. (I know the last picture is a bit out of focus)
Anyways, we kind of rigged up our uverse receiver behind the TV. It works pretty well.

Free Lawn Watering

15. April 2010 05:08 by asudduth in

I was working from home today, as is typical on a Thursday and heard this sound that sounded like rushing water... I was actually on the phone but switched to speakerphone just to look out the window. Sure enough, it was water. I guess they were bleeding the fire hydrant or something. About 5-10 minutes later the guy left.
The picture isn't very good as I was in the middle of something but just snapped a quick pic... didn't even realize it was through a screen till now. Anyways, this is what I saw when I looked out.

The sound @meresudduth's car is making

12. November 2009 13:19 by asudduth in

My day was a pretty crazy day because my wife said she was having car trouble.  I ended up taking her to work (and picking her up, as I thought that was a good idea) and then going to work myself.

Anyways, here is the sound her car is making… 

My cat found a friend... But can get to them

23. October 2009 02:30 by asudduth in

This is kind of sad. The neighborhood cat is at our kitchen door at Mocha saw it. Both are pawing at glass.
Its a rainy morning and i wanted to let the outside cat in... Bad idea im sure so i didnt do it...
Hopefully im not to bad of a person